Saturday, January 17, 2015


This morning when I walked in to Norco volleyball facility in Windsor, I was met by girls in white t-shirts saying Team Jacob in green and with the Mitochondrial symbol in the middle of the Maxx volleyball symbol. I still felt weak from my stomach bug, but a wave of emotions came over me. My girl was standing surrounded by girls all rooting for her brother and she had this big natural smile on her face! She wasn't alone in worrying for her brother, she had her whole volleyball club rooting for him.

As the day went by, I had so many parents coming up to me and asking about how Jacob was doing. Wherever I looked I saw Team Jacob t-shirts on players, coaches and parents. It gave me hope in a middle of a very scary week, and this comforting feeling that we will be ok no matter what. We are not alone in this, and no matter how many years we have traveled down this path, support and love are what we need. It's what feeds our souls.

A week that started in tears for our girl ended with her not being able to stop chatting on the way home from the tournament (despite her loosing all games today!). She was happy and it felt really good for her to hear that all her friends were rooting for her brother and sharing her joy that he was coming home today.

And our boy came home today during Sarah's last game! It felt much longer than six days this time. Jacob is a very tired boy right now. He has been through a lot, so I try to not worry too much about how much he's sleeping. It's easier said than done, but I will try. His tummy is not completely healed, but we're hoping we are able to manage it from home.

I sometimes hear "it's just a job", "it's just a game", "it's just business", but when we limit things in our lives to just be a task in our daily lives we are missing out on the really good stuff in life. Maxx volleyball club showed me today that they are not just making great volleyball players out of our girls, but they are truly here to be a community of support with big hearts. Every player in that club got a little insight today what it means to have a very sick brother in the hospital, and not knowing when he will come home again.

Sarah has another early tournament tomorrow morning, so good night from all of us!

Love, Maria.

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