Sunday, March 22, 2015


Most Swedes have a love and admiration for the retired Swedish professional ice hockey player Peter Forsberg or as we call him "Foppa". He is brilliant on the ice, and at the same time carries so many qualities of a Swede. I loved watching him on the ice as he played for the Avs in Denver, I also got to interview him before the Winter Olympics in Nagano in 1998.

Our boy is now a proud owner of a Peter Forsberg signed puck. This puck was signed by Peter Forsberg himself to a man called Tony. Tony has never met Jacob. Tony is quite the bike rider. Tony and his wife lost a child at a very early age to a rare disease. They know what it means to have a sick baby, and to lose a child.

I got to know Tony as we were both taking a long spin class together. It is one of those classes you're not really committed to make it to the end until you are half way through the class. The class is three hours long...The beautiful and full of energy spin instructor Emily makes sure we never stop and pushes ourselves just a little bit further than we think we can. When we entered the last hour of the class, she went around the room and asked people to share their goal for the year. I heard a couple of people sharing goals of completing Iron Mans and other heavy duty goals. Everyone was cheering them on and riding that minute for that person. Slowly Emily made it up to my bike as I was riding in the back row. She commented on the fact that I am Swedish. As I was sharing my goal of riding the Courage Classic for my son who lives with a mitochondrial disease, the whole room started to cheer and clapping their hands. The power of riding for someone who can't is pretty darn powerful. I was pretty psyched by the support.

As we completed the ride, Tony came up to me. He was wondering if Jacob loves ice hockey. I told him that Jacob has watched many hockey games on the TV with his dad. He was wondering if Jacob likes Peter Forsberg. I told him our whole family admires "Foppa" very much. Tony told me about his lost child with tears in his eyes, and how he wanted my Jacob to have his very special Peter Forsberg signed puck that he had gotten from Peter Forsberg himself.

There are so many emotions around this puck. It's not so much the puck itself, but the fact what this man decided to do for Jacob who he has yet to meet. It is so much kindness in this puck. There are people like Tony and his beautiful wife Tamara who make this world a better place. For now, Jacob's Peter Forsberg puck has a special place on his book shelf in his room.

After a frustrating Saturday in the hospital with very little progress, Jacob is starting to perk up and respond to the steroids. We are so happy to see Jacob moving in the right direction, and hopefully we soon can start talking about coming home again, so Jacob can enjoy his spring break a little.

Love, Maria.

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