Friday, April 10, 2015


One of the things Jacob tells us when he is using his communication device is: "I want to go somewhere. Let me tell you where I want you to take me, ok?" He then has a list of choices he can pick from. We do know that Jacob loves leaving the house. I can't blame him. There are so many days of the year Jacob simply doesn't leave the house. I would personally go nuts. Luckily, Jacob is the more patient one of the two of us.

But sometimes Jacob and I dream together. We decide to go places that are far from the options on Jacob's talker. We talk about sitting on the beach having the waves hit our legs as I sit behind him supporting his body. We talk about going back to Europe and visiting family and places neither of us have seen in Europe. We talk about continents, countries, cities near and far. The actual destination might not really matter, if we truly could both get on a plane again.

We dream about going places as we are in the car on the way home from Children's, a place very far from beaches and world cities. We dream as we have to take the toll free road home in rush hour almost reaching the airport before we turn off to Broomfield leaving the signs of airlines behind us.

It is always a bittersweet conversation. It's great to dream and tell my boy about all the things we could see, but we both know that this is as close to the airport and getting on an airplane we will ever get. That does make me cherish the very few trips we did with Jacob in his life, three to be exact. Two trips to Orlando to go to Disney World, and one trip to Cleveland to get a second opinion for Jacob's mitochondrial disease.

But no matter if we can get on that airplane again, we will continue dreaming every time we read the signs of airlines on Pena Boulevard. And we might not hit the beach or a world city tomorrow, but we will go somewhere. Maybe to the park or our close by lake?

Have a great weekend everyone! - Maria.

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