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Domus Pacis is Latin for House of Peace. Domus Pacis Respite Program is a non-profit working with cancer and other medically challenged families. The genesis for the respite program was a “girl trip to the mountains” that the founder planned and put into place with her ailing mother and two sisters. Her mother, living with lung cancer, wanted to visit the Summit County. Her mom had a week to completely forget about her illness and bask in the glory of the summer mountains. The girls had a week to laugh, cry and prepare themselves for the times ahead.

This week showed the founder the power of the mountains and the need for patients to get away for a time with their families, to forget about all the medical stuff, and enjoy and create memories together. Ten years later, the “dirt” turned into a home which was designed to host families with disabilities and the Domus Pacis Family Respite was created in memory and spirit of that “no regrets” girl trip.

This past week, Sarah and I got to be part of the Domus Pacis' family. It wasn't planned to be a girls' vacation. We had planned to go as a family. A pneumonia and hospital stay for our boy put a stop to our vacation plan. Jacob came home from the hospital on oxygen, and we had a hard time believing Jacob would do great on high altitude if he required oxygen 24/7 on Denver altitude. Jacob needs to be "as perfect as he can" to attempt the high altitude of the mountains. Joakim was also behind on work after a week in the hospital. I called the founder Duck to cancel the trip. She didn't want to hear a word about cancelling the trip. She immediately understood the need for Sarah and I to still get away, and generously opened her house for just the two of us.

Sarah playing with their dog Bella.

The last couple of months have been really busy and full of changes. Sarah was sort of "off" when she started summer break. We were not really sure what was going on with her. The week in Breckenridge with Domus Pacis was just what we both needed. We lived in this mansion surrounded by forest. We were greeted by deer, moose, and a porcupine. We had our own space, and a beautiful patio facing the forest and mountains.

We slept like babies with absolute no traffic or neighbors surrounding us. We didn't cook. We took the day as it came, a MUCH slower pace than our daily routine at home. We had plenty of time to talk, talk, talk, laugh, laugh, laugh, and be, be, be. I also got in a fair amount of biking to get ready for Courage Classic while Sarah was sleeping. I haven't felt this relaxed in a very long time. We both didn't want to leave...

And Joakim got to join us for a day too!

Sarah and I took a beading lesson and made our own bracelets. A perfect memory from this week.

Beautiful biking in the early morning hours while Sarah was catching up on sleep.

Vince and Duck who run Domus Pacis are genuinely kind people. We truly enjoyed their hospitality and company. They opened their home with open arms and made this week very special for Sarah and I. We both fell in love with their dog Bella, who instantly found Sarah's heart. The best part is that we get to go back. Both Vince and Duck still want Jacob to experience their completely handicap accessible home. We are hoping to make that happen for Jacob and the rest of us later this summer. They even want us to house sit as they go on vacation. I love when friendships arise when you least expect it.

Jacob started asking for mommy the last couple of days we were gone. He wanted mommy and said he loved me with his talker. THAT is always something worth coming home to!

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