Friday, July 24, 2015


This is what is needed to have me slow down. An ugly boot. Exercise has been my go to for stress relief. It's my way to take care of myself when I have to give of myself all hours of the day. I have felt my left foot on most runs since March. The pain disappears as I get off the treadmill or trail. I go on with my day. I actually forget about the pain until I am running again. Yesterday was different. The pain didn't go away. I was limping and in pain. After taking care of Jacob non stop for several hours at night, my foot was killing me. I knew something was wrong. After a little research on the Internet, I was pretty sure I had a stress fracture.

The stress fracture got confirmed today by the doctor. Luckily it's a mild fracture. When the doctor heard about my busy life and carrying my 65 pounds boy throughout the day, the boot was a fact. I negotiated some exercise to keep my sanity. I am allowed to swim and try biking if it doesn't hurt, no running!

It's funny what busyness can do to your life. You miss the little moments right in front of you. Tomorrow Jacob and I need to simply stay home. It will be hard for us to even move from floor to floor with this boot. And I am sincerely looking forward to it. Instead of trying to be busy, we are going to slow down. We're going to read, we're going to cuddle, and we're going to be. That sounds pretty perfect to me.


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