Friday, August 21, 2015


We're ending the first week of school at Children's. Jacob has been sleepy the last two days, and I just couldn't figure out what was going on. I knew something was wrong, so today we went in to see Dr. E. After some initial blood work and an abdominal x-ray, we got the word that Jacob might have pancreatitis and there is also some blockage in his GI system. We closed down Special Care, and got moved to the Emergency Room for more tests.

After several hours in the ED, we got the results from the ultrasound. Jacob has some inflammation of his pancreas, but not enough to call it pancreatitis. He also has inflammation of his colon, which most likely means we're nearing a flare up of his ulcerative colitis. As my dear friend said when she heard the news: "Damn colitis!" I couldn't agree more. They are holding off on the CT scan tonight to see how he's doing over night. We are getting admitted, but luckily we're going straight to the floor.

Jacob is definitely in some pain with his tummy, luckily no increased seizure activity which is always a risk with pain for our boy. We hope this was caught early, so Jacob can go back to school soon again.

Here are some photos from his first day of school:

Nurse Ana and Jacob ready to get on the school bus.

Waiting outside our house for the school bus.

Jacob being cool on the school bus!

Love, Maria.

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