Sunday, September 13, 2015


Icing Smiles is all about turning cake batter and icing into smiles and joy for critically ill children. We heard about this wonderful organization from friends, and we tried it out for Jacob's 9th birthday. This cake was the centerpiece of Jacob's birthday party, and will always make us remember our celebration of Jacob's nine years.

Icing Smiles also acknowledges that the world is rocked for the family's siblings. There is no secret that our girl loves her sweets. The idea of a dream cake made her smile. I decided to put in a request for a cake for our girl right after Jacob's birthday. I had forgotten about the request when we got the e-mail that Sarah's request had been granted. We were able to get the cake in time for her 13th birthday party, so she could share the sweetness of vanilla and chocolate cake with raspberry filling with her friends. The best part is the home made fondant, especially on the turtle :-

Since we're in planning mode for our annual Silent Auction dinner benefiting Miracles for Mito, I thought I better ask the baker for advice for our upcoming cupcake walk. Before I know it, the baker has volunteered her time once again. This time, she's doing a cupcake decoration party at my house helping my girl and her friends to decorate the 120 cupcakes (also donated by a very generous mom) for our fundraiser! She's bringing her professional decoration tools, homemade fondant and is letting us know that there is nothing she can't decorate. This elevated our cupcake walk to a new level. Best of all, Sarah couldn't stop smiling.

People come into our lives when we least expect it. I knew Sarah would get a cake that wouldn't disappoint, but to find out that our baker had been a special education para before staying home with her boys, I did not know. She had always had a special connection to special needs' children, and immediately found her way into Miracles for Mito and our hearts. It was a beautiful moment.

To smiles. Love, Maria.

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