Friday, September 4, 2015


As we're going in to the holiday weekend, Jacob has turned a corner. He is off the bi-pap, his vitals are stable, and his edema (excess fluids in the tissue of his body) are finally starting to resolve. This turned into a longer stay than we were hoping Monday night. Unfortunately, Jacob was on an antibiotic for three days that his bacteria was resistant to. Wednesday night, we finally got the right antibiotics on board, and 48 hours later, our boy starts to look better!

Tomorrow will be telling if we get to go home this weekend or not. We have had a really great medical team this time. We have had Jacob's primary nurses all week, which has helped tremendously. They know him from before, and have really partnered with both us and the medical team.

We will go home on IV antibiotics this time to make sure we kill this nasty bacteria, and we will take things on Jacob time as we come back home.

Tonight, Sarah and I are having an evening at home while daddy is keeping down the fort with our boy.

I hope I'll write the next update with all of us home!

Have a great Labor Day weekend everyone.

Love, Maria.

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