Tuesday, September 1, 2015


This is not the post I wanted to follow my previous post about being "at peace". Our boy is sick. That kind of sick when I can't calculate when we get to go home again. He has new unusual bacteria in his urine causing him to have a big nasty urinary tract infection. So a new ugly UTI from last week. It has made him pretty sick. He doesn't feel great and his heart rate has been high. The worst part is that his little body is so swollen. He hardly pees and instead we see his fluids in all other parts of his body. The medical team is concerned and we now have a plan to get rid of some of the fluids overnight with the help of some medicine. We hope Jacob's body responds. We hope Jacob's vitals, especially blood pressures, continue to be stable.

I have been around the block a little too long to know that we might wake up in the PICU tomorrow. He is just nearing that place slowly but surely. The doctor who is on tonight is great, and she knows Jacob from before, so I feel we're in good hands. I'm not packing my bags just yet, hoping we will be able to ride this out together from the 9th floor.

I also ended up with a terrible nurse tonight. First she sticks a too large catheter into his penis, and blames it on "restocking" issues (shouldn't you always check size?), and then I end up cathing him since she simply couldn't do it...a pretty simple nursing task on a boy if you ask me.

We're settling in for a long night with probably little to no sleep. The attending told me earlier today that Jacob might get sicker before he gets better this time. I think we're at that place tonight.

We appreciate any healing thoughts, juju and prayers for Jacob.


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