Monday, October 19, 2015


This weekend we escaped up in the woods right outside of Breckenridge. We lived in a beautiful fully handicap accessible mansion surrounded by nature. The generous founders of Domus Pacis once again invited us as guests  as they went out of town. In June, Jacob couldn’t make it since he just had come home from the hospital with pneumonia. Sarah and I had a great time, but we definitely wanted Jacob and Joakim to experience it as well.

Sarah had Friday off from school, and the rest of us took off from work and school. Jacob doesn’t travel light. Oxygen concentrator, bipap machine, smart vest, cough assist, nebulizer machine, suction machine, chillout chair, bean bag, wheel chair, therapy mat, foam pillows, medical supplies, and medications all went into two cars. The rest of us had to travel light in order for us to fit it all in.
Jacob hasn’t always tolerated high altitudes and has a tendency to seize. We took off from Denver with Jacob being on oxygen and on his pulse ox so we could monitor his vitals as we were climbing up the mountains. We took a stop midway, and Jacob was doing great.

As we unpacked both cars, it was time for Jacob’s midday feed and medications. As I draw up one of his seizure medications, I realized we wouldn’t even have enough for his evening dose. This is not a very common medication we could simply fill at a pharmacy in the mountains. Luckily, Joakim was such a good sport about it. He quickly grabbed some lunch, and started driving home to pick up this medication, so we actually could stay the weekend.

Jacob didn’t like it as we arrived first. He needed more oxygen, and his heart rate was higher. Luckily, he didn’t seize, but he was obviously working harder. After a few hours, it was as if Jacob’s body settled with the new high altitude, and he didn’t even need oxygen. We decided to still keep it on to make sure he didn’t have to work any harder than necessary. Joakim finally made it back by dinner time, and we were all happy to start the weekend together. 

Saturday turned into a very slow day. I can’t remember when we had such a slow day last. Jacob wandered from lap to lap, and got cuddles all day. Sarah and Joakim stayed in PJ all morning. We had lots of coffee and time to chat and read. I finally got to read Jacob all the books we picked up at his school book fair. I did escape for an hour of yoga at the rec center. This happened to be the Saturday of foam roller yoga. Best yoga class in a very long time for my stiff body. It was a beautiful warm fall day, so we decided we had to leave the house. We ventured off for some swimming! After swimming, there was time for more cuddles, reading and even a nap for mommy.

At dinner time, we go a visitor. We got a cookie delivery. This woman bakes cookies for Broadmoor and Ritz Carlton hotels worldwide, and the cookies were sure something special! We had to hide them from Sarah in the end. She brought her beautiful dog Maddie, and Jacob loved visiting with her. He even got a wet kiss!

As we were driving up I-70 on Friday, I was wondering if we did the right thing. What about if we would get up there and would put Jacob’s health at jeopardy? What about if we wouldn’t have time to turn around and bring him down for necessary medical care? At the same time, I knew deep inside that this trip was on Jacob’s bucket list – a vacation with his family.I knew this mansion would work perfectly for Jacob.

I have told myself several times in the last weeks that I have to slow down. I have too much to juggle right now. I have dropped the ball on multiple occasions, which means I just can’t keep up. This weekend recharged me, reset my priorities, and hopefully will keep myself focus on what is truly important in life. 

And best of all is that our new friends want us to consider their home as our "home-away-from-home" whenever we can get away again. We're so lucky. Until next time! 

Love, Maria.

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  1. Looks like a great weekend, Maria! So happy for your family. I'm glad you're slowing down & taking some time for yourself.