Friday, January 1, 2016


It's me. Mom and I were looking at pictures from the past year today, and overall we had a really good full 2015. I had to say farewell to my dearest friends moving back to Switzerland this year, which made me sad. We sure have seen the ugly face of Mitochondrial disease this year as we had to say goodbye to loved ones losing their lives too early. I was given a poor diagnosis this summer as I was facing a new type of seizures. Life is so very precious. I can only surround myself with love and hope as I am facing a new year. A year when I am turning 10 years old. My sister thinks I deserve a superhero party, since I am her biggest superhero.

Come down memory lane with me, and see what I have been up to this past year. Grab a cup of coffee or a glass of wine and sit back.


I got my own Academy Awards for my performance in the patient safety "Target Zero" video seen by all employees at Children's Colorado.

Sarah's volleyball team was cheering me on as I was fighting a nasty infection at Children's. All players wore their Team Jacob shirts for me.

My 9th birthday party was a Minion party! I got a Minion dream cake to share with my friends. I had a blast.


Leandra and I spent a day at the zoo. Don't you love her outfit? So stylish.

My friends Selina and Leandra stayed with us before they moved back to Switzerland. I showed Selina how to play games on the IPad with me.

 Here they were helping me with school work.

I loved story time before bed time. Selina is a good reader.

And more volleyball for sis. She had a good year playing.


 Until next time best friends! You are so missed!

Mom still misses her coffee (and wine) time with Nadia. 

We ventured off to the Botanical Gardens.

Mom and Sarah went skiing with grandparents.

My grandparents came to see me during spring break. It was a bummer I spent part of the time in the hospital.

Mom got to present about patient safety in San Francisco on behalf of Children's, and she brought daddy.


With spring came walks. I love being outside.

Time to get on my bike again!

The Mito Easter Party was a big hit!

I got a signed puck by hockey player Peter Forsberg. It was so very special.

Back at school with Mrs. Nerma!


School was out, which meant cuddle time with sis.

Pool time! My favorite place to be during the summer.


I got to ride the school bus for the first time!

I got to play with switch accessible Minions at school!

I love my teacher Mrs. Pries.

My second cousin Cajsa came to visit. She gave me lots of attention, which I very much enjoyed.

Pool time with my buddy Cal.

I celebrated Father's Day.


I celebrated 4th of July with good friends!

I spent a lot of time with my friend CJ this summer.

Mom took me to watch the Minions movie.

Mom and Mrs. Brittany rode once again in the Courage Classic for me and so many other Mitochondrial children.

Sis and Brittany's mom Denice made sure the bikers were well fed.

Sis and dad went to Sweden, and visited with lots of family. It was a highlight for both of them this year. What was Sarah up to?


More pool time.

Mrs. Brittany took me swimming on my last day with her. I still miss seeing her every week.

My new nurse Ana is a rock star! 

I started 3rd grade.

Nurse Ana decided I get to swing at school!

Mom's birthday was special. We all went to Berry Patch Farms. Unfortunately the farm was closed, but they let us have the farm all to ourselves! What a special gift!


I had a really good run at school this fall.

September is sis' birthday month. Mom took her on a surprise trip to Breckenridge.

Sis turned 13!

We enjoyed the beautiful Colorado fall colors in Raymond together.

Mom won the prestigious Patti Skolnik award together with three other moms for her patient safety work at Children's. Yay mom!


I got to go on vacation with my family! We all went up to Breckenridge for a wonderful weekend.

How did I do as the Swedish Chef from the Muppet show? My BEST Halloween costume so far!

We painted Minion pumpkins this year again.

I had the best of time at the Mito Halloween party with my ladies!

I loved being in art class this fall!


I had a good November!

My homebound teacher Mrs. Mary is a kick! 

Mom and dad took a mini vacation to Las Vegas!

Mom's friend Madelon came to visit us for Thanksgiving.

Madelon and I.


Sarah sitting on Santa's lap. I am not sure how many more years we will see that.

I met the best Santa ever. I had so much to tell him, and he stayed with me for a very long time. 

Derek and I.

I had fun at my school's holiday party. 

My house is decorated as always!

I dressed up for our Christmas Eve Party.

Holidays at home are so very special.

It was a good year. A really good year. I don't know what 2016 has in store for me, but I am ready for new adventures. I wish everyone lots of happiness and health. Enjoy every moment. That is exactly what I am planning to do.

Much love,

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