Tuesday, January 12, 2016


Tonight as I was cleaning up the kitchen after dinner, Jacob was giving his fart blaster another go. Each fart sounded a little louder, a little clearer tonight. I felt so present with Jacob, and every time he hit his switch with his head, I felt happiness. Happiness that Jacob's liver values are back to normal. Jacob's liver looks completely healthy on his MRI scan. Jacob's liver doctor who has grown on us in the last six months, was suggesting that we don't need to come back and see him. He will continue to monitor Jacob's labs through his GI doctor, but no need for massive loads of labs and doctors appointments any longer. Dr. S. is not completely sure why one of Jacob's liver values was so off this past summer. His best guess is that Jacob had an infection we didn't discover. That would also explain the seizures we saw at the same time. Jacob very seldom has clinical seizures without a reason.

Living with mitochondrial disease, I know Jacob's health can change at any time. But today, I will stop and cherish the moment of a healthy liver. 

To a healthy liver! Love, Maria.


  1. Happy for the good news! What we don't know...you are familiar I'm sure.

    1. Thank you! You can only live in the moment...