Monday, March 7, 2016


I had a good day today. It was my first good day since my surgery. Today all pieces came together. I simply felt good, and I sure wanted everyone around me to know.

I finally could Skype with my class again. I verbalized the whole call through. My friends told me lots of jokes today. They all asked about my surgery. I even had to show my incision, which looks a little scary. I love my classmates and Mrs. Brutsch.

As I was done Skyping, I also wanted to show that I can hold my head all by myself. Ana and mom were both excited, since they haven't seen me do this in so long. It made them so happy to see how determined I am. I even Skyped daddy to show him as well.

But oh is my head heavy! Luckily, Ana caught me.

It takes a lot of energy to stay on top. I had to take a little snoozer tonight.

To a good week! Thanks for believing in me. 

Love, Jacob.


  1. Jacob you did great today!! Way to go!! And sir, you are getting SO BIG!!! You are going to be as tall as your mom soon!

    1. Thanks, Deana. He sure is growing!

  2. Jacob you are simply amazing!! The most determined, courageous, super hero boy ever!! Happy to hear about your good day!!❤️

    1. Linda, thank you so very much!!! He sure is a fighting spirit.