Saturday, April 16, 2016


What did the two oceans say to each other? Nothing
they just waved - What did the two oceans say to each other? Nothing
they just waved  Bad Joke Eel

Jacob got to crack his first joke ever this week, and it happened in school. We had never thought about adding jokes to his talker until his school speech therapist told us to. It didn't take long for Jacob to discover his "joke page", and in the middle of class, Jacob decided to give it a try. The whole class turned to Jacob to hear what he had to say, and they all had a good laugh together. His teacher LOVED that Jacob decided to take over the classroom! This is a refreshing change from us being told a few years back, if we could turn off Jacob's talker during the time the teacher talked, since Jacob was interrupting the class too much. I have to say that I didn't take it very seriously. I got a good laugh out of my boy disrupting the classroom. In silence I was thinking, "you go boy". And this year, his teacher is on the same page as I am.

Jacob has lucked out with his teachers at his school. This year is no difference. She is Jacob's strongest advocate. As all the kids came back from spring break, she asked everyone in the class to rate their health from a scale of 1-5 to determine if the classroom was healthy enough for Jacob to return. All the kids but one was a 4 or a 5. One boy rated himself as a 3. Mrs. B immediately followed up with the boy's parents to make sure he was truly a 3, so she could make a decision for Jacob. As could happen to any 3rd grader, the boy wasn't really sick, he just didn't feel that great in the moment. It still showed me the commitment his teacher has to Jacob, and how she truly gets how easily Jacob can get sick.

Did I say how wonderful it is to have Jacob back in school? Thursday was the big day! Jacob has slept so poorly lately, but he got a pretty good night sleep before his big day back in class. He got to ride the bus once again! As I was sending Jacob off on the bus once again, I told him that on the other side of the bus ride, his friends were waiting.

And they were. As Jacob got off the bus, we could hear all the way from the playground his classmates shouting "Jacob, Jacob, Jacob!" He sure is a lucky boy.

Jacob got to see his para Nerma again. She's incredible, and we all love her so much. Nothing of Jacob's medical needs has ever faced her. Seizures, breathing issues, suctioning, not even the big diapers. She simply laughs. She has a very subtle way of including Jacob in every activity in school. She has a way to work with Jacob and the other kids that is a true gift.

Jacob also got to hang out with his OT Mrs. Peggy during art. Jacob loves, loves art.

We're all so excited to have Jacob back in school! This is where our boy thrives the most. This is where he gets to experience life, and be the 10 years old boy he is. And yes, we will make sure he has some more jokes on his talker ready to go for next week!
Love, Maria.

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  1. You don't know me. I came across your sight when I was looking things up on the Internet for rare diseases a couple of years ago. Since then I've kept up with your blog and check to see about once a week how your son is doing. Just wanted you to know I'm praying for him and your family. Bless you all!