Wednesday, January 31, 2018


Dear Jacob,

Last night, I had it. I had ended an intense business trip, and I was on my way home. On the plane, I finally relaxed. I grabbed my phone, and started scrolling through old pictures of you. Picture after picture brought back memories of us.  We were a powerful duo. I miss Us so very much. It was a late flight, so the lights were off. In the darkness, the tears were coming. When the seat belt signs are on, there are no Kleenex around.

Today, we took the day off to simply remember you. What a treat, Jacob. Your dad and I went for a long sushi lunch followed by a movie in the middle of the day. We talked about you, and remembered all your beautiful birthdays.

When Sarah came home from school, we took Max for a walk. We ventured up to your memory bench with red and blue balloons in our hands. We wrote our birthday messages to you, and sent up our balloons in the sky. I sat on your bench and followed the balloons as they got smaller, and smaller, and smaller. The sun was starting to set, and it was a magic sky. It was a perfect Jacob moment.

Tonight, we had dinner together and Sarah made sure we had sweets and chocolate. A dear friend baked a cake for your birthday to Sarah's delight. We were simply hanging together, something we always did with you.

Friends and family surrounded us all day with messages, memories, songs, pictures, and gifts. That carried me through the day. Your legacy and memories are powerful. It made me smile through tears. It made me realize how loved you are. It made me realize that we all need a beautiful tribe. A tribe remembering you, and cheering us on.

Happy happy 12th birthday, sweet Jacob!

I love you to the moon and back,


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  1. Happy birthday, Jacob. The world is a better place because of your life and the mark you made on us all. Hugs to you all, Maria. <3