Wednesday, December 26, 2018


Dear Jacob,

You know what is the absolute best for my soul? It is spending quality time with friends who love you as much as we do. Friends who truly saw you for who you were as a person. Friends who always treated you as a child. Friends who cherished you every step of the way. Friends who were heartbroken when you caught yet another infection and wrote long get well letters. Friends who baked bread and put on the front porch while we were in the hospital. Friends who brought Chipotle to the hospital and played with you right in the hospital bed. Friends who crafted with you, played dress up, and went swimming and biking with you. They made your life rich. They made your life normal.

We just had a long week of Christmas celebration together with your friends, and it was simply wonderful. It's our kind of people. We drink coffee and wine together. We talk, we walk, we talk, we bake, we drink some more coffee, we laugh, we eat. We talk a little more. We talk about the important things in life and the trivial things. Conversations, food, and togetherness all woven in to beautiful friendship. There is no special "remember Jacob" talk. It is just part of what we all do and say.

I will never forget the first play date you had with Selina and Leandra. You went to preschool with Selina. You were best friends with her and Alyssa. You did anything to be with those two girls. One day, her mom (now my dear friend Nadia) asked if you wanted a playdate at our house. It was the first true play date you had ever had. I was nervous. I was thinking they would play with you for maybe half an hour, and then what? I just didn't know how we would do playdates. How I misjudged you and the girls. It was a playdate of six hours and it was the most beautiful friendship revealing in front of my eyes. I was exhausted from carrying you around the house, but my heart was full from seeing you being so happy. You both taught me so many lessons about friendship.

When you passed and Selina found out you died, she went up to her room and wrote the most sincere letter to you. I will cherish that letter forever. The pastor read it at your memorial service. I know how important friends are to the happiness in my life. Selina and Leandra gave you that quality in life.

On Sunday, Selina and I visited with you in your room. I showed her all the things she had made with and for you. I was amazed by her memory of where and when she had crafted with you. She smiled as she saw pictures of you and her together - in the pool, at the pumpkin patch, at school, at our house and the list goes on and on.

On Christmas Day, we all went up to Flagstaff to visit with you. This is where your ashes are spread. It was cold as the sun was about to set over Boulder. The sky was dramatic as a painting. We took in the beauty of nature and you, Jacob.

Tonight my heart is full. Our Swiss friends are what my heart needs. Thank you, sweet Jacob, for having them all come in to our lives and stay in our lives. They all sweeten this Christmas.

Jacob, I love you always to the moon and back,



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