Saturday, November 28, 2015


It's me. It's time for a little update. I have had a wonderful holiday with my family. This year, we have a very special friend visiting all the way from the Netherlands. I hear mom laughing with Madelon all the time. They are so alike! You should have seen the two of them decorating our Christmas tree. It took them forever before they were happy with the decorations. It was funny watching the two of them.

Since I have been doing really well health wise, we decided to spend Thanksgiving with close friends. It was a day full of delicious food and great company. I love when my family slows down, and we all just hang out together. Before we started the dinner, everyone gave thanks. It was hard to follow me after I simply said "I love you" to everyone with the help of my talker. It was a beautiful day with snowflakes slowly coming down all day long.

I just started homeschooling. I have never been in school as long as this fall. We had a very warm fall which kept the germs away. I had a really good run with my 3rd grade teacher, my paras and my classmates this year. My favorite subject is Art. I also like my teacher who is now coming to my house. She loves Broncos, and is a kick! I also get to Skype with my class twice a week to keep in touch over the winter. This week, I also get to go on a field trip with my class. With me being home more, we're increasing my therapies. I'm now doing physical and speech therapy twice a week, music and massage every week, and art therapy every second week. I am a busy bee, and that's how I like to roll.

We're now entering the holiday season. Did I tell you that my family goes a little nuts around here? I think my sister is following in my mom's foot steps when it comes to loving the holidays. Every room is beautifully decorated, and soon the baking and festivities will start around here. I just love to hang out with everyone and to enjoy each moment.

There is so much to be thankful for, but most of all my health right now. I know it can change any time, but for now I enjoy a time of no colitis, no seizures, and no respiratory infections. Not a small feat in my life.

With so much love,


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