Friday, September 23, 2016



I have missed writing to you. I got sucked in to the busyness of life, forgetting to prioritize our time together. Tonight, I have an urge to write you, since I have missed telling you about life.

Your sister turned fourteen in the middle of busyness. I was a little worried how her first birthday without you would turn out. In all her life, you only missed one of her birthdays. It was the same year, Gemma got married. You were hanging at Children's with our friend Camilla while we were celebrating Gemma's wedding and Sarah's birthday. All other years, you were always home with her. I remember the year, Sarah decided you could come to her pool party and hang with all her girl friends. I know you had a good time, and you got to stay up way past your bed time. You were all smiles.

This year, I knew we had to do things a little differently, change things up a bit. We decided to go to Breckenridge for her birthday weekend. It was a good choice. The beauty of the mountains and the peaking fall colors surrounded us. We got to relax, swim, walk around town, and enjoy good food and company. I even got in a bike ride through Summit county. It got me to think of you a lot.

More than once, my mind wandered to our Breckenridge get away in October last year. Memories of you being in the outdoor pool, cuddling with you on the couch as we were taking in the beauty of the nature surrounding us, and simply having family time together. That vacation was on your bucket list, and I am so happy we did it when there was still time. We never ever saved anything for tomorrow, we always did things when the opportunity presented itself. How thankful I am for that today.

I think we have started a tradition. You will always give your sister a special gift. You should have seen her face when I gave her your gifts this year.

She opened this one first:

Remember you're team Jacob t-shirt! We presented together at Children's about Team Jacob during an Awards dinner and we received much to our surprise these t-shirts from Amy. Do you also recognize your Minion t-shirt? You always looked stellar in your black and beige t-shirt. I think this was a gift from your grand parents.

And then she got this! This is a true piece of you, a true piece of perfection:

This project started early August. I gathered all your favorite t-shirts and brought them over to our neighbor Charlayne. I found her on the mobile app Nextdoor. I told her our story, and she immediately understood the importance of this piece of art work. This was not just a bunch of t-shirts. Each of your shirt is a treasure, and tells a story about you. Each shirt is filled with memories and love. The shirts still smell like you.  It's you hidden in the middle of fabric, bundle of colors, and softness:

Remember when Sarah's volleyball club was cheering for you when you were sick in the hospital?

Selina's grandma made this shirt for Sarah. It had to join the quilt.

And this was your shirt from Selina's grandma.

Remember nurse Ana going to Carlo's Bakery, and getting you this shirt from Buddy? Just because you're so special.

Your Coyote Ridge shirt! We have so many happy memories from you sporting this shirt in school.

Your Miracles for Mito & Team Jacob shirt put together! It's all about awareness.

and some of your favorite Minions! 

Your bike shirt from nurse Libby! She got you an extra large size, so you wore this shirt for years!

This is our absolute favorite shirt! When daddy got to dress you, he always picked this shirt. The striped shirt in the back is my favorite shirt.

And this is the back of your quilt when Sarah needs to have you close to her.

See how your Minion shirt was incorporated!

And look how perfect it turned out on her bed!

Sweet Jacob, Sarah asked us to have cake with her on the couch watching Friends on her birthday evening. She and I were both cuddling under your special blanket, and it was so very special. It completed her birthday. Thanks for being part of her special day.

I love you to the moon and back,


P.S. If anyone wants to get in contact with Charlayne for a memory quilt, please let me know. I would gladly share her information. She's simply fantastic.


  1. Such a beautiful blog was so wonderful to read and to hear a small story from so many of the shirts I lovingly stitched together for your family...from you Jacob. I felt like you were with me during that you were guiding me thru the process of making this amazing gift. Thank you to you and your family for allowing me this opportunity. I shall remember it fondly and I hope I did your shirts justice for you...❤️ -Charlayne "Charlie" Dunn

    1. Thank you, Charlie! We are so happy for this very special gift!